Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Visa Center provides Visa Processing and Application Preparation Assistance to clients who are interested about immigration or travel to various countries including Canada, USA, UK, Australia.

Services for the client

  1. Consult in the matters of the immigration & visa processing policies and procedures of the certain country and applicable immigration program thereafter
  2. To assist in preparation and submission of applications and necessary supporting documents for the  applicable visa program as per current requirements
  3. To assist with respect to any paperwork and preparation for any interview that may be required to process the application
  4. Assist in preparation for IELTS test
  5. Assist with Educational Credential Assessment as required (applicable for Canada immigration program only)
  6. Assist with Notarization, Translation and Attestation of documents from legally authorized personnel

Refund Policy

  1. Visa Center does not and can not guarantee any successful outcome of the visa application because final outcome of a visa application depends on several factors which are related to the clients such as professional verification, police clearance and medical reports. It is also to be noted that final outcome of any visa application belongs to the jurisdiction of the concerned visa office, and influencing the visa office is neither possible nor legal.
  2. Payments are taken from clients and specific services are provided for the payment. Hence all the payments are fully non-refundable unless there is sufficient proof that the client’s application is rejected due to a processing related happened on the side of Visa Center.